APA(Asia Philanthropy Award) is
It makes an award to unsung heroes and philanthropists in Asia. This award goes to the unsung heroes who are devoting and collaborating in silence with a philanthropic mindset to solve the different issues mankind faces.
There are many unsung leaders in Asia who are committed to practice their love for humanity.

Philanthropy is an ancient Greek word that combines “Philo” signifying love, and “Enthropy” meaning people.
“To love people,” hence, love for humanity is philanthropy.

Philanthropy is the mind to voluntarily donate time, talent, and financial resources to solve various problems faced by human beings based on love for humanity and to ultimately spread the well-intentioned purpose.

Philanthropy has four concepts; Giving, Serving, Joining and Asking for Donation and Participation, and also it is both contribution to society and a spirit, a more active and broader sense than charity.

  • Giving
  • Serving
  • Joining
  • Asking

APA is an award to finds and encourages unsung leaders who practice the spirit of philanthropy in Asia, without discrimination on the basis of religion, ideology, field, or organization.

APA aims to help individuals and organizations in Asia to realize their values and vision to create a better world through these awards.

Why Asia Philanthropy Awards
Discovering and awarding unsung leaders and philanthropists of Asia is not only a reaffirmation but the spread of Asia’s long-standing spirit of mutual help and the culture of giving.
This is necessary to develop the universal value of humanity, the spirit of the philantrophy towards universal happiness, into deeper, wider values.

This award, created by voluntary participation and collaboration, confirms that we have a shared dream for a better world, and shows that we can realize this dream together.
Spreading a culture of giving in Asia

Culture of giving has been regarded as a relic of the West. But the Asian region, where the spirit of mutual help is deeply rooted, also has a long tradition of giving culture.

The APA aims to revive and spread the tradition and Asia's long-standing giving culture by discovering and awarding unsung philanthropists in Asia.

Nonprofit experts participating as principal agents

The APA has created a self-organization of 100 nonprofit activists without government and corporate sponsorship. The authority and honor of the award begin with the selection of winners through fair and scientific screening procedures.

Professionals in the nonprofit sector voluntarily participate in the entire process from award organization to evaluation outside any other intervention.

Since they have been having the backing of the sponsors and support by donors and supporters for a long period of time, now it's their turn to participate in donating and vlolunteering to repay what they owe.

Improving the perception of philanthropists and nonprofit

Because of the economic growth, the role of nonprofit institutions to address social problems -such as inequality- is becoming increasingly important. But it seems that the philanthropists who are voluntarily devoting their time, talent and resources to contribute to the solution of these social problems are undervalued.

The APA wants to help these unsung leaders become more active by discovering and redefining their roles.