Adventure Finding
Unsung Heroes

The APA is practiced through giving, serving, joining, and asking for donations.
These little practices of help create a wind of change and make society and the world a little better.

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APA PEOPLEPeople who make the APA together
  • 01 Surprising power of grass-roots ”
    Chong Soo Lee
    Representative of Impact Finance Korea
    Vice-President of APA Organization committee
  • 02 A gathering of pure motivational crystals for neighbors and society ”
    Hak-Bong Kang
    Secretary General of Gyeonggi Social Welfare Community Chest
    Member of APA Organization Committee
  • 03 Beautiful walk with people who share love ”
    Yong Ju Park
    CEO of GBSTYLE Inc.
    Chairperson of APA Judging Committee of Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 04 Happiness Discovering a True Hero of Our Time ”
    Gyung-hak Baek
    Executive Director of Purme Foundation
    Member of APA Organization Committee
  • 05 Philanthropy for the next generation ”
    Bekay Ahn
    Chief of International Council for Nonprofit Management
    Member of APA Organization Committee
  • 06 Feeling proud that the winners' sincerity is able to communicate with society ”
    Hyun Soo Kim
    Vice-Chief of International Council for Nonprofit Management
    Former Secretary-general of APA, Head of Judging Committee of the Best Fundraiser
  • 07 Years that I felt thankful for having been together ”
    Kyungran Lee
    CEO of Modncommunication, Modnbridge
    Secretary-general of APA
  • 08 APA changed my perspective and direction on life ”
    Jae-Hong Park
    CBS Anchor
    MC of APA ceremony
  • 09 Small happiness of the willingness to give your time, talent, and resources ”
    Mei Sohn
    Department Head of Seoul Arts Center
    Vice-chairperson of APA Judging Committee of Philanthropists Award
  • 10 Feeling the heat of passion when spending precious moments with APA ”
    Ha-jung Cho
    Team leader of Inter-Korea Foundation for Health and Medical Education
    Former Secretary-general of APA