The Asia Philanthropy Awards program was created to discover and recognize the unsung leaders who practiced philanthropy and contributed to the society in Asia.
  • Recommendation to Award
    The APA Program represents the entire process of delivering awards from the moment you become one of our nominees.
  • Fair and Careful Assessment
    APASC is a screening committee of 100 nonprofit experts. The committee reviews and evaluates the recommendation letters to select the final winner for each discipline.
  • 필란트로피스트 상 (The Philanthropist)
    The most honorable award of the Asia Philanthropy Awards that is awarded to a philanthropist who is exemplary of exceptional outcome, innovative efforts, and credibility and passion in performance.
  • 펀드레이저 상 (The Best Fundraiser)
    We honor the fundraiser who demonstrated exceptional achievements that exceed the usual fundraising sum, a strong sense of ethics and collaboration, and continued efforts.
  • NPO 상 (The Best NPO) (사회적 기업 포함)
    An award that is awarded to nonprofit corporations and organizations (including social enterprises). We honor culture-leading corporations and organizations that set new standards in philanthropic activities by achievements and excellence and differentiation in performance, avoiding evaluations based on external conditions like pre-existing awareness, size, history, etc.
  • 청년사회혁신 필란트로피스트 상 (Youth Social Innovation Philanthropist)
    A new generation of philanthropists in their 20s and 30s, the award goes to a person or an organization whose solution to social problems are more active, direct, and creative.
  • 공적상 (Lifetime Achievement)
    An award that honors those who have long devoted themselves to the development of the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors and realized various outcomes and acted as an exemplary during performance.
  • 1. Candidate Appplication
    Go on the Website → Support now Click ‘Support Now’ to recommend a philanthropist
    Apply via email :
    Contact : APA secretariat +82-2-717-9988, +82-10-9616-4438
  • 2. Candidate Screening
    The judging committee selects final candidates through 5 steps of screening process.
  • 3. Winner Announcement
    Check Notice on the APA website.
  • 4. Ceremony
    April 28th, 2020
  • Performance
  • Process
  • Passion
3P 5요소

The Asia Philanthropy Awards examine the philanthropy activities in an integrated perspective, taking into account the process and passion in addition to performance.

3P (Performance, Process, Passion) establishes the central axis of evaluation which is subdivided into 5 elements.

  • ① Contribution

    Strengthening organizational capabilities and creating concrete results, ultimately establishing a sustainable culture.

  • ② Innovation

    Attempting to solve problems creatively beyond the conventional method and create innovative results.

  • ③ Responsibility

    Performing in transparent and reliable manner in the fundraising, donating, and executing processes.

  • ④ Scalability

    Creating synergy through cooperation with various stakeholders and expanding activities to related fields and various scope.

  • ⑤ Persistence

    Not a one-time or short-term activity but rather a long term, ongoing and future-oriented project.

Voting process
Each prize category will be evaluated using the following five criteria.
Categories Performance Process Passion
Contribution Innovation Responsibility Scalability Persistence
Philanthropist O O O O O
Fundraiser O O O O O
Youth Social Innovation Philanthropist O O O O O
Lifetime Acheivement O O O O O