Adventure of
for Life

Philanthropy means the act of love
to improve quality of human life.
Philanthropy is
Philanthropists voluntarily donate their time, talent, and resources to solve the
various problems we face to improve the quality of life for humanity. It also
means that the spirit of spreading it, and it seeks fundamental change to realize
universal values of mankind.
Unsung Heroes

The adventurous philanthropic life we, APA are aiming for is never about something heavy, for example being preoccupied with yourself nor apart from yourself.
It's an adventurous life of sharing that motivates you, your surroundings, and your sincere love for the world to share your time and talent resources with the needy neighbors in the blind spot and the underprivileged around us.

Philanthropic works can be achieved through various ways such as giving, serving, asking and joining 
to make fundamental change to social problem and achieve humanity’s common value
  • 01 Giving 기부
  • 02 Serving 봉사
  • 03 Joining 참여
  • 04 Asking 요청
Philanthropy One Story
& Hidden Hero
The APA is looking for people who live their adventurous lives filled with philanthropy.
Therefore, we join with other philanthropists to cheer and cheer for.

Our Philanthropy Impact
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