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The Asia Philanthropy Awards program was created to discover and
recognize unsung leaders who practiced and contributed to the society, whether in Asia or for Asians.

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APASC is a screening committee of 100 non-profit experts.
The committee reviews and evaluates the recommendation letters to select the final winner for each category.
  • 01

    An individual or group of people living in or working in Asia or for Asia.

  • 02

    Individuals aged 20 or older as of that year.
    Candidates in the field of Youth Social Innovation Philanthropist are 19-39 years old based on that year.

  • 03

    Candidates in each category agree to all official rules of Asia Philanthropy Awards

  • 04

    The candidates for each category must fill in and submit the documents on the website.

Candidate Registration
  • 01

    The registration form must be completed 100 percent.
    Individuals can enter up to two categories and receive one or more awards.

  • 02

    You should register by the appointed deadline.
    Any amendments made during the registration period must be corrected and registered.

  • 03

    The document screening process selects the final three candidates for each category.

  • 04

    Those who selected as finalists for each category
    will be reviewed and the final winners will be selected.

  • 05

    The final winners will be announced on the day of the awards ceremony.

Recommendation Letter
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