• 1An individual or group of people living in or working in Asia or for Asia.
  • 2Individuals aged 20 or older as of that year. Candidates in the field of Youth Social Innovation Philanthropist are 19-39 years old based on that year.
  • 3Candidates for each category agree to all official rules of Asia Philanthropy Awards.
  • 4Candidates should fill in and submit a recommendation letter and application form on the APA website.
Candidate Registration
  • The registration form must be completed 100 percent Individuals can enter up to two categories and receive one or more awards.
  • You should register by the appointed deadline Any amendments made during the registration period must be corrected and registered.
  • The document screening process selects the final three candidates for each category.
  • Those who selected as finalists for each category will be reviewed and the final winners will be selected
  • The final winners will be announced on the day of the awards ceremony.
Rules for Candidates
  • APA candidates are responsible for complying with official rules set by APA. If you do not fulfill your responsibilities, you will be disqualified.
  • APA candidates are strictly prohibited from:
    • The act of obstructing the legitimate operation of the awards ceremony
    • The act of introducing any proposal to circumvent or neutralize security designed to protect the integrity
    • The act to include false information and information with errors
    • The act against the laws and regulations of a candidate's country
    • The act of denigrating another candidate's honesty and integrity
    • The act of causing or abetting a person to violate the lawful rights or laws
    • The act of answering false, incorrect or missing information when asked to answer a question from APAC
    • The act against the spirit or fairness of APA
    • The use of APA as a political slogan or as a base for partisan agendas
    • The act of discriminating, criticizing, or disparaging the other party based on race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnic, religious, political beliefs, nationality, bloodline, marital status, etc
    • The act of gossiping or criticizing products, services, people, companies, and organizations, including APA partners
    • The act of promoting, advocating, and converting for the development of religion that you believe in
    • The APAC determines if a candidate is acting against the above rules and other APA regulations.
  • APA reserves the right during the process to ensure that all candidates are morally suspicious, compliant, and satisfied with their qualifications.
  • Candidates invest APA the right to copy, transmit and disclose submissions for screening.
  • The responsibility for paying taxes on the prizes and additional prize offered at the awards ceremony is for each individual winner.
  • Technical issues
    • We are not responsible for any transmission issues or errors that may affect the platform.
    • Websites can have high traffic, third-party interruptions, and technical issues affecting them.
  • The right of the APA to cancel, change, or stop a programwithout the responsibility of the participant is granted if it is beyond its ability to proceed for the following reasons:
    computer virus, bug, jamming, fraud, technical error, etc
  • When additional products are given with the awards ceremony, the winner is responsible for all of them and APA does not provide quality assurance.
  • The list of winners and finalists will be released on the website.
  • If the candidate information is misrepresented but it is judged that it is unintentional, only the correct part is valid, and the wrong part is corrected to indicate that the wrong part has not been entered intentionally.
  • If you become a winner, you may be asked to create a different form based on the APA's judgment.
    • Winners will be entitled to disclose their name and their story to APA.
    • Candidate registrants must read and agree to award and personal information utilization agreements.
  • * Participants in the awards show agree to comply with the awards operating regulations.
  • * APA operating regulations can be modified.